Welcome to Haymarket Church

At Haymarket Church we believe that Faith and Life Connect.

Haymarket Church is a new United Methodist Church that is committed to serving God and sharing God’s love in Haymarket, Virginia and the surrounding area. We believe that the lives of our neighbors should be better because we are Christians and that our community should be a better place to live because our church exists.

We gather each Sunday for worship and have opportunities throughout the week to engage each other and our community by building new relationships, serving our neighbors, and putting God’s love into action.

Every Sunday in worship we say that “no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, you’re welcome at Haymarke Church,” – and we mean it! There are no prerequisites for being part of Haymarket Church.  God’s love welcomes everybody, with no exceptions, and so we try our best to do the same.


a family surrounding a student being confirmed into the church

Our Story

What Type of Church Are We?

We are a church that is open to all people, and that is committed to seeking God, seeking truth, and seeking connection with all of God’s people. We hold to many historic Christian beliefs, but we also are full of people who have struggles and doubts and wrestle with their faith. We believe that you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to be a part of the church. If you are willing to seek God and try to follow Jesus (or even if you’re just trying to figure out if you want that stuff), there is a place for you with us. For more about what we believe, check our What We Believe page.


A message of welcome from Pastor Brian Johnson.

We believe that God’s love welcomes everyone, and so we are committed to being a fully inclusive church. For more about that commitment, check out our Statement of Welcome and Inclusivity.

In terms of our connection to other churches, we are a United Methodist Church. This means that we belong to a “big tent” denomination where lots of folks have lots of different opinions about God and life, but have found a way to come together in order to join in God’s work and share life together. For more about what it means to be a United Methodist, check out our What We Believe page.

Worship at Haymarket Church

Our worship is modern in style and also includes ancient practices that connect us to God and to people of faith across time and space. We like to talk about worship as being a time when we practice ancient traditions with a fresh spin so that we can better let ancient wisdom speak into our contemporary lives.

We worship every Sunday morning at 10 AM at Haymarket Elementary School (15500 Learning Lane, Haymarket, VA). You can also find our worship services online, on Facebook, and on YouTube

We also worship outdoors occasionally, at the Haymarket Town Park or on the Haymarket Elementary School playground.

For more information about our worship, check out our worship page.

guitarist and pastor leading worship
guitarist and bassist at outdoor worship
guitarist and bassist at outdoor worship
guitarist and bassist at outdoor worship

Our Mission

Equipping people to find their place in God's story and put God's love into action through worship, connection, service, community partnerships and more.

All People Are Welcome

At Haymarket Church, all people are welcome, and all means all.
Read our full statement of Welcome and Inclusivity. 

The People of Haymarket Church

Our church includes people of a variety of ages, who live in a variety of places in the Haymarket/Gainesville/Manassas, who have a variety of backgrounds, and who have a variety of experiences in the church. We include infants, children, teenagers, and adults from fresh out of college to the joys of retirement. We include people who are lifelong Christians, people who are new to faith, people who have been away from church for years and are only now returning, and folks from all sorts of Christian traditions. We include people who are very confident in their faith and people who aren’t sure about what they believe but who really want to figure out this God/Jesus thing in the midst of a community.


Haymarket Elementary School

Worship on Sundays!

Because we are a new church, we don’t have a “church building” in a traditional sense. We gather for worship each Sunday at 10 AM at Haymarket Elementary School, 15500 Learning Lane, Haymarket. 

We also worship online every Sunday at 9 AM and 10 AM.

You are invited to come and discover the presence of God during this time. For more about worship, check out our worship page.


    • From Route 15 – Turn onto Market Ridge Blvd. (turn right if you are on Route 15 North or turn left if you are on Route 15 South.)
    • From the Town of Haymarket – Take Old Carolina Road and turn right on Somerset Crossing Drive. Then turn right into Haymarket Elementary School when you see the school on your right.

    Visit Us During the Week!

    During the rest of the week (everything other than Sunday morning) we have a Ministry Center in downtown Haymarket, on the second floor of the Town Hall Building. Make an appointment to come by and see us!

    15000 Washington Street,
    Suite 206
    Haymarket, VA 20169
    (703) 688-2546

      For more about things that happen at our Ministry Center, check out our News & Information page.

      Interested in Learning More?

      Call/Text: (703) 688-2546

      PO Box 1024 Haymarket, VA 20168