Collective Faith

by Joy Pritchard

The longer I live in a world that needs mending, the more my faith is filled with more “I don’t know”s than “I am certain”s. 

I have a measure of faith, but that measure is variable, depending on a facet of factors each and every day. 

My faith used to be flashy and full of flair. I would pray aloud with noticeable passion and endless words. My faith is more quiet these days. I still pray often, but I am quieter and more succinct.  

These prayers now are less demanding of specific outcomes. I am less certain that my idea of what is best is actually what is truly best. I think that means my faith is now in a much bigger God than the one I used to try to boss around. 

I see my faith, more and more, as collective. I lean on the faith of the person next to me and that person can lean on my faith, too. 

And somehow all of this leaning into others and believing more in Him than my own opinions feels like the most meaningful phase of my faith journey yet. 

This is especially beautiful in December.  

When we gather together on Christmas Eve,  
when we light each other’s candles,  
when we sing the well known hymns of Christ’s birth,  
when we declare peace on earth and goodwill to humankind, 
I lean on your faith, her faith, their faith, 
I lean into the Hope we all can muster  
For the upcoming year to come. 


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