Christmas Alternative Giving

Each year for Christmas, we encourage folks to donate to our Advent/Christmas Mission Offering.  These funds are used to make a positive difference in our community – supporting the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry, providing emergency relief here in America and around the world, partnering with local non-profits, and more.

We also you to use this as a way to give a different kind of Christmas gift.  Make a donation to the Mission Offering, and give it in someone’s honor.  Tell them that for Christmas you gave them the gift of giving to folks who are in need.

Here’s how you do it.  Make a donation to our Christmas Mission Offering (just click here and then make a donation to the “Mission Fund” line item). Then, click the big blue button right under this paragraph and download a sheet of Alternative Giving Christmas cards. The idea is simple: just make a donation to the Advent/Christmas Mission Offering, print out those cards (they are 4 to a page, so you will have to cut them!), and fill it out (with the person’s name and the amount of money you gave in their honor) and give it to them as a Christmas gift. Give the gift of generosity and honor a loved one this Christmas!