Series: Am I Enough?: Trusting God in a World of Fear

Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-31; Romans 5:1-11

Many of us worry that we’re “not enough” – not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy of love, not able to hold it together or do everything we need to do. We feel inadequate, afraid, alone. And, even if we don’t feel that way, we almost certainly love or care for someone who does. But, in Christ, we are more than enough. Hear this truth: You are enough because you are created in the image of God and because Christ died for you.

This Week: Do you ever feel inadequate? What makes you feel that way. Lift those situations to God in prayer and ask God to give you confidence and courage.
Read Genesis 1:26-31 again. When God creates humanity, he calls it “very good.” The God who created the whole universe believes that you are “very good.” Remember that in your lowest moments this week!