The Virginia Annual Conference is a yearly gathering (hence the name) of United Methodists from across Virginia. Each year pastors and delegates from each church (plus at-large delegates) meet to make decisions about how United Methodist churches in Virginia can best partner in God’s work. Annual Conference also commissions new pastors, makes decisions about funding essential ministries throughout Virginia, and is an opportunity for ideas to be shared. (There are regional Annual Conferences throughout the United Methodist Church. The highest level of United Methodist decision-making is General Conference, a worldwide body that meets once every four years to set the direction for the global United Methodist Church.)

The 2022 Virginia Annual Conference was held in June. Pastor Brian attended (all pastors are members of Annual Conference), along with Haymarket Church’s Lay Delegate, Brenda Grembowski. Three Haymarket Church members also served as District delegates (elected by United Methodists across Northern Virginia): Deb Angerman, Travis Angerman, and Kim Johnson. Brenda has submitted a report about Annual Conference – so everyone can be up-to-date on what happened.

You can read her report below.