On Sunday, August 21, in worship at Haymarket Church (10 AM, Haymarket Elementary School), we will be celebrating a “blessing of the backpacks.” During Children’s Time, children will be invited forward and we will pray over them – and over their school bags – as they prepare for the new school year. Every child – from preschool through high school – is invited to bring a backpack or school bag. As we pray over our students and their bags, we will ask God to give them a safe, healthy, and fruitful year of growing and learning.

Just as importantly, we will remind ourselves (and our children) that God will be with them (and us) during this journey – even when things get hard, even when we can’t feel God’s presence, God will be there, with us, during this year of school. And so, we will celebrate that as a community.

Each child and family will also be given something to help them remember God’s presence with them throughout the year.

You are invited to be a part of this holy moment in the life of our children!