Haymarket Church’s annual Charge Conference will be held on Thursday, October 28, at 7:00 PM. Charge Conference is an annual business meeting (required by the United Methodist Church).  The meeting will begin with electing the Haymarket Church Leadership Team for the upcoming year and approving minor updates to our Leadership Team’s Structure.  It will also include a presentation of the church budget, approving the Pastor’s compensation for 2022, and the submission of an annual financial audit and various reports.  This meeting is open to the whole church and will take place via Zoom.  The meeting will take less than 30 minutes, after which time the Leadership Team will have its regular monthly meeting for October.  If you would like to attend Charge Conference, please email Pam MacKay at Pam.MacKay@haymarketchurch.org, and she will be sure to send you the Zoom link.