Advent and Christmas at Haymarket Church

During the month of December, Christians around the world spend their days preparing for and celebrating the story of Christmas – the story of God entering into our world as one of us in order to save us.  During the season of Advent (the four Sundays leading up to Christmas), Christians focus on preparation – making ourselves ready, yet again, for God to enter into our world and into our lives.  Then, at Christmas, we celebrate the Good News that God has done precisely that – that, with Jesus, God has entered into our world and is here to stay – that God is with us now and forever.  That good news is central to the Christian story, and so we at Haymarket Church are spending December celebrating it.  Here’s a schedule of some of the awesome ways we are celebrating Christmas this year:

Rooftop Carols, Cookies, and Cocoa

Saturday, December 16, 6-7 PM at the Old Bank Building (14951 Washington Street, Haymarket). Experience the joy of Christmas together with the people of Haymarket and make a Christmas memory for the whole family. You are invited to gather, beginning at 6 PM on Saturday December 16, for Christmas Carols on the roof of the Old Bank Building (in beautiful historic Haymarket), hosted by Haymarket Church. This is a great way to celebrate Christmas before you head out of town or simply to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. There will be free cookies and hot cocoa provided (until we run out!). Be sure to dress warmly! In the case of inclement weather, we will meet inside the Old Bank Building.  Be there and invite a friend for a Christmas experience to remember.

Christmas Eve Morning Worship and Tacky Sweater Party

Sunday, December 24th, 10 AM at Gravely Elementary School (4670 Waverly Farm Drive, Haymarket).  Wear your tackiest Christmas sweater to worship on Christmas Eve morning. This is an opportunity to start your day with a simple celebration of the Good News of Christmas.  This service will be different (including a different sermon) from our evening Christmas Eve service.

Children’s Christmas Eve Celebration

Sunday, December 24th, 5:15-6:00 PM at Gravely Elementary School (4670 Waverly Farm Drive, Haymarket). Make a Christmas memory and step into the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. You are invited to bring your child to Gravely Elementary School (4670 Waverly Farm Drive, Haymarket) at 5:15 PM on Sunday, December 24, for a special Christmas Eve celebration. Enjoy children’s activities, and a special telling of the Christmas story.  Then, at 6:00 PM, the whole family is invited to stick around for a family friendly Christmas Eve Candlelight worship service. Nursery Care will be available. This is a chance to help your children discover the magic of Christmas – a story about how sometimes the most important things God does happen through children.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship

Sunday, December 24th, 6:00 PM at Gravely Elementary School (4670 Waverly Farm Drive, Haymarket). You are invited to celebrate the birth of Jesus with Haymarket Church. Our family-friendly candlelight communion service will begin at 6:00 PM and include carols, Scripture reading, communion, and candlelight. Nursery care will be provided.  Christmas Eve is a special night – an opportunity to make a holy memory with family and neighbors and to celebrate the love of God which has come to dwell in our world. Sing favorite carols with us, hear the news of the child who was born to bring us peace, and lift up candles to celebrate the light of God that shines in even the darkest places.