We love our partners at The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation (SJGF) – they do amazing work in our local community (and beyond) caring for children (and their families) who are seriously ill, have special needs, or are facing a crisis. Throughout December, all money donated to the Haymarket Church Mission Fund was set aside to be given to our partners at SJGF. In addition, all “undesignated” money from Christmas Eve was added to that fund, to be donated to SJGF.

For more information about who they are and the awesome work they do, visit their website.

We wanted to let you know the results of that – thanks to your generosity, we have raised $4906 to give to this awesome organization. We kicked in an extra $94 from our Mission Fund, meaning that we are making a $5000 donation to SJGF – we are so thankful for the opportunity to support this amazing organization and help them impact lives in our community and beyond! Thank you for putting love into action – God is at work in and through us!