Coronavirus Preparedness

Update: Online Only through June 10

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The bottom half of this page has announcements from March 8.  Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the response to Covid-19, we have updated our response.  The most up-to-date announcements are listed here.

The Haymarket Church Leadership Team has been monitoring government/public health recommendations related to the continuing spread of Covid-19 (commonly referred to as “the coronavirus”) over the last few weeks. We continue to update our plans in the face of changing circumstances. Prince William County Public Schools have cancelled all activities by community groups, which means we are not able to meet in person at Haymarket Elementary School. Plus, we also want to be good community partners and join in the work of limiting the spread of disease.  Given all of this, and with Governor Northam’s recent declaration banning gatherings of more than 10 people for at least 30 days, we will be worshiping via livestream through at least April.

Alternative Connection Opportunities

During this time when we can’t gather together in person, we are working to provide a variety of opportunities for connecting and growing in faith using various online tools.

Livestream Worship: Livestream worship every Sunday, 10 AM, at or You can also access archived videos anytime during the week at either of those locations.  You can find each week’s online bulletin (with information for worship, including song lyrics, prayers, etc.) at

Online Connect Groups: We have moved many of our groups online, including our moms’ group, our Wednesday men’s breakfast, and more.  If you’re interested in participating in an online group, email Pastor Brian at

Wednesday Night Hangout: An opportunity to hang out together online every Wednesday night, using the phone/video meeting platform Zoom.  For more details on how to join, click here.

Video Reflections: In addition to weekly livestream worship services every Sunday, Pastor Brian will also be releasing two additional video reflections every week – a “Tuesday Thoughts” video that reflects on faith/life and a guided Bible study video later in the week.  Those videos will be published to Facebook Live and will also be available on our website at this link.

Confirmation Class: Confirmation class will also meet via Zoom each Sunday at our regular time (4:30 PM).  If you’re a confirmation class student, parent, mentor, or teacher, check your email for more details.

Kids Groups: We are working on creating some online groups for kids to see each other.  More details on these are coming soon!

Kids Ministry Resources: We will be sharing videos, lessons, and more for our Kids Ministry each week.  These videos are the same ones we use each Sunday in Kids’ Ministry.  Email if you’d like to receive these.

A Word about Online Giving

During this time when we can’t come together physically for worship, financial giving remains really essential to help keep the ministries of Haymarket Church moving forward.  If you normally give in person on Sunday morning (via kiosk, cash, or check), we would encourage you to go to and set up automated online giving.  Just click the big green “give” button on that page, and you’ll be redirected to our secure giving portal.  Your consistent giving helps us to continue to support the various ministries of Haymarket Church, pay our staff, and cultivate new ways to build connection and strengthen faith as we walk into uncharted waters together.  Thank you for your continued support.

You can also give by text by texting the dollar amount you want to give to the number 844-332-3112.  You’ll receive a response including a link to our secure giving portal.  You can use that portal to give via credit card to our General Fund.  So, if you want to give $100, just text 100 to 844-332-3112. For a quick-guide for text-to-give, click here for the Haymarket Church GivePlus Text Quick Guide. Again, thank you for your generosity.

And, of course, if your income is negatively impacted by upcoming shutdowns, cancellations, etc., please feel free to modify your giving patterns. Even more, please let us know so that we can help support you.

Updates for March 15

Livestream: Haymarket Church will be live at 10 AM on Sunday. You can join live stream on our website or our Facebook page. There will be no in-person worship services held at Haymarket Elementary School. The video of the service will also be posted for later viewing if you are not able to join the live stream at 10:00 AM.

Youth Group: Youth Group and Confirmation Class will be cancelled for Sunday, March 15.

Pub Theology: Our Pub Theology event, scheduled for March 16, will be postponed until a later date.

Online Giving: It will be important to continue giving during this time, as we need to continue to pay our staff and our bills. If you lose income due to the impact of Covid-19, we understand the need to adjust your giving patterns (and we are praying for you – please reach out to us if you need help). If you are able to keep giving during this time, it will make a huge difference. You can sign up for online giving at the Haymarket Church website.

Community Partners: We have reached out to our community partners to ask if there’s anything we can do to support them in this time. As we hear back from them, we will reach out to know how you can help.

Being a Good Neighbor: We encourage you to reach out to your neighbors and ask if they need help. Maybe your elderly neighbors are afraid to go to the store, or a neighbor with an underlying health condition is supposed to stay home but needs to pick up their medication. Ask your neighbors, leave notes on their doors, find ways to reach out and love your neighbors. This is an opportunity to put love into action.

We’ll be reaching out with more updates about what’s happening at Haymarket Church. In the meantime, stay safe!

Updates from March 8

In worship on Sunday, March 8, we shared about steps we are taking in response to growing concern about the global spread of the novel coronavirus (the virus that is causes COVID-19).  On this page you can find a little bit of what we share in worship, along with the evolving stages of Haymarket Church’s preparedness plan.

Prepared, Not Scared

A Message from Pastor Brian

It’s important to note, as we start, that, according to the best emerging data, the novel coronavirus is, in the vast majority of cases, relatively benign, and that there is a relatively low risk of the more scary outcomes for healthy adults. So, the first thing I asked everyone to do on Sunday is to take a deep breath, not panic, and remember to read good journalism, and especially good science journalism, in this time, so that you can be informed and smart. We want to be prepared, so that we can respond well, but not scared – so that we don’t give in to panic.

The second thing I want to note is that, for us Christians at least, responding to the coronavirus is not primarily about caring for ourselves, it’s primarily about caring for the vulnerable. The groups that do have a higher risk factor are older adults, very very young children, and those with underlying health concerns. And, here’s the thing, Jesus has identified himself with the vulnerable and called Christians to care for them. So, when we do things that help keep viruses from spreading, we are doing that – we are caring for the vulnerable, like Jesus taught us to do. In addition, the Bible makes it clear that offering hospitality is a holy calling – a holy responsibility – so we want to practice the kind of hospitality that creates a sense of welcome but that also does its best to create safety for others.

Upcoming Changes

In an attempt to care for the vulnerable and practice hospitality, we are making some changes to help reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. So, in the upcoming weeks, you will notice some little changes to the ways we are doing things. It’s important for you to hear that, whatever happens, we are not going to stop doing ministry. We are going to adapt and be smart, and we are going to ask that each of us be respectful and careful.

So, for example, if you’re sick, please stay home on Sundays and worship via our livestream – follow government guidelines about when it’s safe for you to be out and about. No matter what happens, we will livestream worship every Sunday, so even if you are stuck sick at home, you will still be able to connect with your church.  You can find our livestream here or on our Facebook page.

Some changes you can expect to see:

You may notice lots of little tweaks to how we do things.

  1. We are asking everyone to please wash your hands when you arrive to worship.
  2. We’ve already implemented an even more rigorous cleaning regimen for all our children’s ministry toys and supplies – including continued use of Clorox wipes each week before and after items are used.
  3. Our youth program is also modifying its practices for its weekly dinners.
  4. We will be using individually wrapped snacks at our hospitality table on Sunday mornings.
  5. We’ve asked our greeters not to shake hands or hug, but instead to bump elbows and, preferably, to wave with a warm smile, and I’d encourage the rest of you to do the same – it’s what I will be doing at the back door after worship on Sundays. (One of our greeters even started using jazz-hands for greetings, so, your greeting might even be upgraded!)
  6. As always, all our communion servers will use hand sanitizer before serving communion. We have purchased a new communion set to allow us to serve via individual cups and wafers.  If that does not arrive before March 15, we will practice communion with bread only (with special instructions to follow), and then move to individual cups starting as soon as possible.
  7. We will not be passing offering baskets during worship.  Instead, we will ask people to bring their offering to the basket during the offering song.  Our team of counters (who count the money and prepare the deposit each Sunday) will be provided with gloves.
  8. We are sharing our “sick kid guidelines” for participation in kids’ ministry (You can find our Kids Ministry Sick Kids Participation Guidelines here).

Other Potential Changes

You may notice other minor changes to the way we do things.  If any other major changes are necessitated (things like worship time/location/etc.), we will let you know as those changes emerge.  We are working closely with our partner organizations to prepare for a variety of possible outcomes/scenarios.  Our plan, for now, is to follow Prince William County Schools and guidance from governmental/public health/denominational officials.  If schools close, then we can’t gather at our normal worship location, and adjustments will be needed. Any changes will be sent by email/website/Facebook/etc.


Here’s the point. We are doing our best to respond wisely, in a way that helps limit the spread of disease and that calms anxieties. For now we’ve made these adjustments, and, if our situation changes, we may adjust more. We will continue to listen to guidance from public health officials and work together with our community partners, including Haymarket Elementary school. I want to assure you that, no matter what, we will worship every Sunday. Even if we can’t gather in person, we will worship via our livestream – every Sunday there will be a livestream, no matter what. We may also create other online opportunities for connection/spiritual growth to help us navigate this season. So if you end up home sick, your church will be here for you. Frankly, in this time of global anxiety, we need each other. We need to come together, as much as we can, for support. So, we are going to keep doing that, while also adapting and being smart about how we interact.


As Christians, we are called to be people of prayer. So, the most important thing we Christians can do is pray: for nations impacted by this disease – especially China – for healthcare workers and the vulnerable. Here’s the prayer we shared in worship on March 8:

God of grace and mercy, in a time of anxiety and uncertainty, we turn to you. Keep us and those who we love healthy. Give us confidence. Enable us to be smart, to make decisions that positively impact the health of others, not to give in to panic and fear. Enable us to do the important work of limiting the spread of disease and caring especially for the vulnerable among us. We pray for those who face increased risk from this disease. We pray for all who have already contracted it and for those who will contract it, in this country and around the world. We pray for countries that have already been intensely impacted – particularly China, but also many others. We pray for healthcare workers and for those on the frontlines of the fight for public health. We pray for good and wise leadership from governmental officials and public health leaders, so that wise steps might be taken. We pray for hourly workers, for those who can’t afford to stop working or who aren’t able to work from home, and for all who face financial hardship due to this disease. In times of fear, teach us to turn to each other for support and care and enable us to provide community to each other and for all who are in need. In this and all things, we pray for healing, for life, and we ask that you would use us for good, to make a positive difference, especially for those who are suffering. Amen.