Coworking at Haymarket Church


Are you looking for space for your next meeting? Hoping for a location to teach a class or host a community group? Or are you just looking for a place where you can be around other people while you work remotely? Then perhaps Haymarket Church’s new coworking space is right for you.

Coworking is a movement of professionals with workplace flexibility who realize that they work better when they are working with other people.  Coworking helps build communities and support people who work remotely. As part of our mission to build relationships with and support our community, Haymarket Church is opening our space at our Ministry Center (15000 Washington Street, Suite 206, Haymarket – on the second floor above Town Hall) to coworking and room reservations.

Whether you’re looking to reserve a room for a few hours or find a place where you can “work from home” alongside other great people, you are invited to check out coworking at Haymarket Church.  All coworking options include internet access and access to our kitchenette.


Coworking Options and Costs*

Drop-in: Grab a spot to work in our space anytime during business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday). Cost: $100/month for unlimited drop-in access during these hours.

Reserve a Conference Room: Private Conference Room, mobile tables configurable as small conference table or as individual desks. A/V available. Available by reservation. Cost: $25/hour.

Reserve Large Room: Private Room, great for teaching sessions, meetings, or shared workspace for a team. A/V available. Mobile tables configurable as large conference table or as individual desks. Available by reservation. Cost: $40/hour.

Reserve Small Room: Private Room, great for small meetings or as a touch-down place for a private office.  A/V available. Mobile tables configurable as individual desks. Available by reservation. Cost: $15/hour.

Other Hours/Options: Other hours and agreements available upon request and by mutual agreement.  Contact us at to explore other possibilities. Cost: To be determined.

To reserve a room, sign up for a drop-in membership, or if you have any questions about coworking at Haymarket Church, contact



*All costs are recommended donations to Haymarket Church. Haymarket Church’s mission includes the goals of building community and improving the lives of people in Haymarket and beyond. Coworking is a project intended to build community during the work-week and improve the lives of people who work in this space. These recommended donations support that work and enable us to continue to offer coworking facilities. If you cannot afford these costs, or if you are out of work and looking for a place to work while you get back on your feet, reach out to us, and costs can be negotiated. Arrangements for payment will be made when you reserve a spot.