Crossroads Connection is one of Haymarket Church’s amazing community partners – an organization to feeding hungry kids in our community.  Each week of the school year, Crossroads Connection prepares bags of food for kids who have been identified by their school as living with food insecurity – kids who might otherwise go hungry.  Each Friday, kids receive a bag of food that contains food to get them through the weekend – three meals and a snack for each day.  In order to help support Crossroads Connection’s amazing work, Haymarket Church has donated $500 from our Community Blessing Fund (a line-item in our General Fund that we use to put God’s love into action in our community). That $500 is enough to sponsor food for two kids for the entire school year.  In addition, every dollar donated to the Haymarket Church Mission Fund in August will be given to Crossroads Connection.  Together with our partners at Crossroad Connections, we are making an impact for kids and their families, fighting against childhood hunger and poverty right here in our own community!

Crossroads Connection – We Exceeded Our Goal!

From Pastor Brian: 
Over the last couple of months, we’ve been raising money for our community partners at Crossroads Connection, a local nonprofit that provides weekend food to at-risk kids at local schools (kids who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch). On Sunday in worship, we shared the results of our fundraising.

Over the course of July and August, y’all donated $2,250 to our Mission Fund.  Every penny of that money will be sent to Crossroads Connection to pay for food for kids in our community this school year.  That, combined with the $500 we are giving from our general budget, comes to a total of $2,750 – enough to feed eleven kids for the whole school year!

That’s what God can do through us when we answer God’s call and join together with other folks in our community who are doing God’s work.  That’s what God can do when we are committed to practicing generosity and putting love into action.  That’s what we get to be part of when we are part of a church like Haymarket Church.

I am so thankful that I get to be part of a church with folks like y’all who prioritize putting God’s love into action in such amazing ways! Thank you for being the body of Christ together with me!

Pastor Brian

Crossroads Connection is one of our ministry partners, a local nonprofit that runs a backpack feeding program, providing bags of food for kids who receive free and reduced-cost lunches at schools in the Haymarket-Gainesville area.  For the 2022-2023 school year, they are expecting to expand their ministry to feed upwards of $50,000 children.  It costs $250 to provide food for a child for the whole school year, which means they need to raise over $50,000.  We have already committed $500 – enough to sponsor two kids – from our community blessing fund – but we also want to see if we can do even more to help.  So, between now and the start of the school year (August 22), all money donated to the Haymarket Church Mission Fund will be sent to Crossroads Connection.  Our goal is to raise an additional $750 so that our church can sponsor a total of 5 kids this school year.