Written by Donnie Angerman

Christmas has always been about family. No matter where we are, we all get together for Christmas.

This started when we were young. It seemed like Dad and Mom were always working and we kids were always doing some kind of chores. But Dad always made sure that we slowed down on Christmas and spent time with family. Growing up, we lived about two hours away from the rest of my Dad’s family. At Christmas the families would always get together to celebrate the season. Some of my fondest memories are hanging out with my cousins while we got to play with whatever toys we got under the tree.

We would also do that with my mom’s family at Thanksgiving. We would take the week off and go to Tennessee to visit with her family. The first memory I have of the Thanksgiving Day parade was at my Aunt’s house in Tennessee. I remember that week as always being special because it was dedicated to slowing down and just spending time with the family.

Now that us kids are all grown with kids of our own, we still make it a point to gather for Christmas. We gather and pass on stories of our youth and share in old Christmas traditions. It makes me proud that we have always made family a priority. I hope that the next generation will continue to honor that tradition as well as make some new ones of their own.

As time passes and we get older, we realize that this is what makes Christmas special. It’s not about the things under the tree or the perfect meal or having awesome cookies. It really is about spending time with your loved ones (although good cookies are pretty awesome)!

Remember to enjoy the memories that you are making when you gather with family because that is the true spirit of Christmas.

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