Written by Kevin Wolf

As we get closer to Christmas I am reminded about preparation. Preparation for me really means one thing…..Procrastination. I know there are people who start preparing for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, and that is awesome, but we tend to push it off a little. Not because we don’t love the Christmas season and all it stands for, but things seem to get in the way, life seems to get in the way.

We would love to string garland across the mantle and down the stairs, hang tinsel from the lights, set up the manger scene, address cards, cover the house with lights, and many other things that go along with preparing for the Season. I would like to tell you that Christmas lists are made and shopping is almost done, but guess what, procrastination exists here too! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

We have been celebrating Christmas for many years, coming up on 18 Christmases with children in the house, and not one of these have passed without a tree surrounded with gifts, lights on the house, kids in PJ’s all day, and food shared around the table with family. It all happens in time and unless you are behind the scenes, you would never know.

Jesus has prepared the way for us, and done much of the work behind the scenes, without us seeing it. Over hearing my children talk about who they were going to buy for gifts this year instead of making their own lists truly shows Jesus at work. No matter what your timeline of preparation is, from 364 days to maybe a week, make room for Christ as the Reason for the Season. Prepare to have him show up as never before. May God bless you this season and every season!

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