Written by Donnie Angerman

When I was growing up, paying the bills was a constant struggle for my parents. There always seemed to be a constant struggle to just have enough food on the table or to keep the lights turned on. Christmas was different though, that was the one time that they seemed to not stress over paying the bills.

Mom and Dad always seemed to find a way to give us kids a wonderful Christmas. There was always something that, no matter how many extra chores you took on, you could never buy for yourself. Whether it was that BB gun that you always wanted or the doll & horse set that my sister just had to have, they found a way to get you that special gift. Times were hard back then but I sometimes wish I could go back to that time. We didn’t have much growing up so for months you looked forward to Christmas & that special gift that you hoped would be under the tree.

It’s not like that now, where we live in a world of instant gratification. If we see something that we think we need or want, we just go online & it arrives at our door in the next day or two. Back then you waited in anticipation for the gifts that you could never afford to buy on your own.

That always gets me to thinking around this time of year. All those years ago we received a gift that we couldn’t buy or even deserved, the gift of grace and eternal life. When Jesus was sent into this world, he came to bring us salvation and eternal life. This is something that we could never buy or be “good enough” to earn, just like those special gifts that we received as kids.

As you go about your busy Christmas season, I hope that you will take the time to enjoy the best gift we have ever received, one that we couldn’t buy. The gift of salvation and unending love.

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