Written by Pam MacKay

My favorite Christmas memories are those of my family making ornaments for our trees together and making dozens of Christmas cookies, which always taste best right out of the oven. While baking is not one of my gifts, I have carried on the tradition of making the ornaments to adorn the tree (among many other crafts).

Lately, I’ve been enjoying making ornaments with my son, TJ, and passing on the family tradition. Now that he’s in Kindergarten, we’re starting the yearly “What are we making for your Teachers?” routine. But, even before that, he sat with me and lovingly placed the red and white tri-beads on pipe cleaners to make candy canes for our tree. After spending some quality time together making our gifts, we then get to present them to our friends and family and hope that they love them as much as we enjoyed assembling them.

So, as I sit here, writing and looking at my tree, I’m reminiscing of the special times shared at these tables and remembering loved ones who have entered the eternal home and I am grateful.

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