Written by Karen Weaver

♫Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
A new born king to see
Pa rum pum pum pum♫

As we all scurry around decorating for Christmas, purchasing and wrapping presents, preparing food, celebrating wedding anniversaries we all forget even if it is for a brief moment what is the real reason we are scurrying. There is a different feel to the air, different smells and sounds. Christmas is a “magical” time of the year. Why? Certainly not the presents or the glitter – the baby Jesus.

What do I do to center myself on the joy of the season? The one thing that is everywhere I go or in everything I do is music playing. When I was very young I had a Christmas concert for my family playing Christmas music on my clarinet. I still remember that concert and it was so simple with just my brother and parents gathered around the tree. While in college every December I sang Handel’s Messiah with the Naval Academy. I can still hear the Alleluia Chorus being sung in the Naval Academy’s chapel and cold chills run up my spine.

To continue the magic of the Christmas season I was married the week before Christmas. As my family grew, trees would be decorated, stockings hung and at least one night I would sit listening to Christmas music while watching the lights twinkle on the tree and reflect on the year. Christmas Eve finally arrives after much anticipation and we celebrate the birth of Jesus (of course the Little Drummer Boy is playing in the background). Christmas Eve night the magic would continue as my daughter put her arm in her Daddys at church as we all welcomed the baby with candlelight and Silent Night.

♫Silent Night
Holy Night
All is Calm
All is Bright♫

May you put calm and love in your hearts and stop to listen to the music and reflect on the season.


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