Written by Jovonne Williams

When I was growing up, some years we would spend Christmas at my grandparent’s house in Richmond, VA. My mom’s sister and her family would also be there, so there was definitely a full house of 11 people. There were 5 of us cousins and we were all close in age, except for the youngest who was about 6 years younger than the rest of us. Spending time with family was great, but “cousin time” was always special!

This particular Christmas I was 12 I think. My cousin Tasha and I were the oldest and we ran the cousin crew. We decided to put on a Christmas Eve play about the night Jesus was born. Now this was done well before the days of Pinterest and YouTube, so we only could rely on the Bible and items around my grandparent’s house to pull this off. Since I was the oldest, I said that I was going to be Mary. I might have been a little bossy back then. 😉

We got my Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Bibles and started thumbing through them looking for the true story of Christmas. At this point, I remember thinking that I should have paid better attention in Sunday school class, but at least Tasha and I knew it was in the New Testament. Well wouldn’t you know it, there were 2 “Christmas Stories” in the Bible, one in Luke and one in Matthew. I remember us arguing about which one we were going to read.  I honestly don’t remember which one we chose but I am guessing that it was Matthew because my brother was one of the Wise Men in our play. I didn’t realize until I was much older that one depiction was more about the Christian savior and the other was about the Jewish Messiah.

Now that we had the “script” we ran around getting props and costumes. We might have used all the clean towels in my Grandma’s linen closet. Ooops! The broom was a Wise Man’s staff and we borrowed the star from the Christmas tree to be the “Star of Wonder”. We wore our robes as costumes and I remember putting a pillow under my robe because I was pregnant Mary. My little cousin Coby was baby Jesus, he was so heavy.

We decided to end our Christmas Eve play by singing Silent Night and everyone sang with us. Of course we got a standing ovation from the family members gathered around us in the Living Room aka Bethlehem. What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

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