Written by Frank Vialpando

When I was growing up with my sisters and brother, we had a Christmas tradition, just like everyone else. Not a very big deal, but we would open our presents on Christmas Eve. We would wait till after dinner was over, read Luke chapter 2 verses 10 through 17 and, one at a time, open gifts we received from our parents. Every year, one of us kids would take a turn being “Santa Claus” and hand out presents. I left home when I was 17 for the Air Force and tried to return every year to partake in the tradition. The tradition continues, but opening presents has turned into an all-night affair. It used to be just six of us, four kids and our parents. We now have great-grand kids attending! We have had to enlist the services of an “elf” to assist the lucky Santa who is selected for the year.

When I was unable to attend, I would call and talk to everyone. Now we use technology so we can see everyone. I miss being able to be in the home I grew up in and seeing all the kids, grand kids, my parents, nephews, and nieces. I especially like to see their faces light up when the gifts are opened.

I have not been able to attend very many, but I am always part of the tradition. A tradition that I will do my best to carry on.

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