By Kailey Thom

“For thou art great and doest wonderous things: Thou art god alone.”Psalm 86:10

Wonder. It’s a classic staple of the Christmas season. Yet sometimes the bits of wonder sprinkled throughout our daily lives go unnoticed. We get too busy, too overwhelmed, too caught up in the frenzy of shopping and baking, up to our necks in wrapping paper and bows.

Once the Christmas decorations go up, we set the music up, whip out our to-do lists and start trying to measure wonder in checkmarks. Trying to get ourselves to that picture-perfect moment where everyone is sitting around the tree opening presents whilst donning matching pajamas and smiles, we get too caught up in what we need to do to get to that moment. We forget that there is value too in this moment. In the here and now.

Especially now, in 2020, we need to slow down more than ever. We’re exhausted, overworked, sleep deprived, and driven by anxiety and fear. The future is uncertain and ever changing, in order to keep up we’ve had to adapt. However, some of our to-do lists have not.

We still want to get to that same picturesque moment by the fire, when we know that life is different now. We still want to overlook those bits of wonder when they are exactly what we need. We need a break more than ever, but some of us just don’t know how to stop and rest anymore.

Even, if we do take a step back, and take some time to recharge and relax, for some of us, it’s gotten harder and harder to see the magic and wonder of Christmas. We’re too focused on the end result that we forget to just be. To just let the wonder wash over us and help us see how wonderous this season really is.

Jesus, the man who went on to challenge the ways of the time, started out as a tiny baby, born in a dirty stable to new parents, in some of the most uncomfortable circumstances imaginable. That cute, little baby grew up to be the one who would save us, a miracle worker. He’s the reason for the season and one of the most wonderous things of all.

God puts little bits of wonder throughout each one of our lives, we only need to have the eyes and the faith to see them.

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