Written by Dawn Dumas

For me, Advent isn’t about lighting candles or counting down the days until the man in the red suit makes his way down chimneys all around the world.

For me, it’s about reflecting on the miracle of God becoming man, that supernatural moment in time when the Almighty Creator of the universe, who previously existed only in spirit, became one of us, a human.  Because Jesus became man, he knows our feelings, our joys, and our hurts, and is living them with us, every day.

2021 has been challenging for our little family.  I have been working through two separate, serious health issues. That, coupled with the state of our world, it’s been stressful.

However, when I sit and meditate on the fact that Jesus became flesh, to forever walk beside me, that he fully understands my emotions because he WAS human and he HAD human emotions, my burdens seem much lighter.

So, as we walk through Advent and eagerly await Christmas, my prayer is that you know that Jesus is right there beside you.  He knows what emotions you are feeling; your joys, your sorrows and everything in between.

How lucky are we to have such a God by our side?

Merry Christmas.

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