Written by Kailey Thom

Sometimes, especially now, the world feels like it’s caught in this never-ending loop, a constant state of the in-between. We aren’t fully confined to our homes, and yet things still aren’t what we’d like to classify as ‘normal’, otherwise known as pre-pandemic life. To be frank, the world is a mess of things that most of us have no control over. A lot of us (me included!) have been counting down the days till Christmas and the joys of perhaps finally getting to gather around the table or firepit with family.

Sometimes with all of this comes my personal nemesis in life. Anxiety. Returning to family brings out the very outspoken inner perfectionist in me, who is practically screaming in my ear that everything needs to be perfect, never mind the fact that perfection isn’t even something that I can attain. So, I get stressed. I freak out a bit, reprimanding my two brothers for the smallest and most minute things to gain the smallest shred of control over the events and people around me because *spoiler alert* I have none. I get too caught up in what we need to be doing to prepare for later, that I forget to live in the now. I miss some of the best things because I’m too caught up in my own head.

Sometimes, I forget about the bigger picture, that Christmas isn’t just about me or my family. It isn’t just about my church, or my faith, or even my belief in this man called Jesus. Christmas is about the whole world. How one little baby grew up to become the man we pray to as a savior and God’s Son, Jesus.

Sometimes, I just need a little reminder about the “real reason for the season” in order to get my thoughts out of the now. A small nudge to remember that none of this is about me, and the meaning of Christmas is so much bigger than me. It’s bigger than all the little things that can go wrong.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder that God is there.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

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