Haymarket Church is proud to announce our new partnership with Discovery Junction Children’s Museum! Discovery Junction is an awesome organization that believes “that the children in our community deserve a space devoted to their physical and intellectual development through the most natural activity of childhood, play.” Discovery Junction is working to establish a permanent Children’s Museum in Prince William County, and Haymarket Church is excited that we will get to be part of that work!

Beginning in November, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, Discovery Junction will be hosting a “pop up” children’s museum in the Vault Room of the Old Bank Building. The cost for these events will be $5 per child (a great deal!). This is an awesome opportunity for our church to partner with a great organization that is doing amazing work in our community. We look forward to partnering with the amazing people at Discovery Junction as we work together to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families.

This partnership is part of our larger coworking initiative (for more, see HaymarketChurch.org/coworking) a program through which we are hoping to build community during the workweek and better utilize our space at the Old Bank Building to impact our community.  We believe that the love of God impacts our whole lives – not just the parts of our lives that we would consider “religious,” but also in all sorts of big and little moments each day. Therefore, our church is working to build a community that shines with God’s love throughout the week.

We at Haymarket Church believe that the lives of the people in the Haymarket/Gainesville/Northern Virginia community should be better because our church exists. This is an awesome opportunity for us to partner with people who are helping to make that happen, and we are excited to see what happens next!

More details about this awesome partnership will be coming soon.  For more about Discovery Junction Children’s Museum, go to their website.http://www.discoveryjunction.org/