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Easter At-Home Box Videos

We are excited to share the Easter At-Home boxes with you. We hope you enjoy your box and that it helps you experience Easter week in a new way with your family this year. Check this page daily after 10 am for more videos and activities. Or join our “Haymarket Kids” Facebook group for even more interaction with other families who are also participating.

Share pictures of your family throughout the week for us to use in the slideshow we will put together.

If you didn’t request an Easter At-Home Box you can follow along with the videos and activities on this page. They will be posted each day around 10 am. You can also download the full activity packet with this PDF. View Activity Packet (PDF)

The most recent video is on top. If you need to go back to other ones first, scroll down. 

Easter Sunday, April 4 – Day 8

He is alive! Today is Easter! It is finally here! Watch our last video and enjoy some fun activities from your packet with the kids today. Send us your pictures for the slideshow we are putting together.


Holy Saturday, April 3 – Day 7

One more day until Easter! It is Saturday and we are previewing the rest of the extra Easter activities from your packet for your family. Then read 1 Corinthians 13 with your family to learn more about God’s perfect love for us.


Good Friday, April 2 – Day 6

It is Good Friday! We will not be releasing a video today. Use the day to catch up on any videos that you haven’t watched yet. As a family read Mark 15:16-47 and follow the discussion questions and activities.

Maundy Thursday, April 1 – Day 5

It is Maundy Thursday! Join Ms. Karen and her daughter as they have a fun game and then move into remembering Jesus washing the disciples feet and the Last Supper. Then read John 13:1-17 and follow the discussion and activities for today.


Holy Wednesday, March 31 – Day 4

It is Wednesday of Easter Week! Join Ms. Karen and her two helpers for a really silly (and at times gross) jelly bean game. Then read Luke 16:19-31 ** WORD OF CAUTION** — Today’s scripture is a bit harsh in parts and for younger kids you may want to skip over some or just explain what it was about instead of reading it word-for-word.


Holy Tuesday, March 30 – Day 3

Happy Tuesday! For Game Time comment below with your child’s guess of how many jelly beans are in the jar – for a chance for the prize. Then read Mark 4:30-32 https://bit.ly/3m11XMp together as a family and go for a walk to finish off the rest of the activities and discussion.


Holy Monday, March 29 – Day 2

It’s Monday! Join Ms. Karen for a fun egg game today as we celebrate the beginning of spring break with some extra fun! Then read Matthew 21:12-14 together as a family and follow with the questions and activity.

Palm Sunday, March 28 – Day 1

It is Palm Sunday! Our Easter At-Home Kits start today! Kick-off Holy week with this unpacking video to start our Easter At-Home Box adventure with Haymarket Kids.

If you have any questions contact Karen Thom, Kids Ministry Director at karen.thom@haymarketchurch.org