Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday Dinner Resource

Holy Thursday is the day when we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples.  It is traditionally a day for washing each other’s feet (as Jesus did for his disciples at the Last Supper) and celebrating Holy Communion.  It is a day for sharing simple meals together and remembering the power of Christ’s love for us.

Instead of gathering together for worship on Holy Thursday, we offer you this resource. It was shared with us by our friends at Burke United Methodist Church (in Burke, Virginia), and we are thankful for their generosity. We encourage you to use it around your dinner table on Thursday evening.  Perhaps you could Facetime of video chat with someone you love and experience a holy meal together.  It’s a chance to read the story of the Last Supper, pray together, and share stories of faith.  Get your copy of the resource at the link below.

A Different Kind of Dinner: Sharing a Holy Meal on Holy Thursday

That resource invites you to sing a song at the end of your time of sharing.  It’s a simple song of worship called “The Doxology” (also known as “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”).  Here’s a simple YouTube Video of a choir singing that song so that you can sing along if you don’t know the tune: