Holy Week at Home

Holy Week at Home

Holy Week is the week when we Christians tell the most important story in our faith – the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  It is typically a time when we have special worship services – times when we get together to tell this story (and experience it) in worship.

Holy Week is a time when we remember that even death cannot stop God.  It’s a time to celebrate the Good News that, in the light of the resurrection, the worst thing is never the last thing.  During a week that is expected to be pretty hard here in the United States, we hold onto this story – the story of life from death – and trust that no matter what happens, God is with us.

So, we are providing you some resources to experience Holy Week from home.

Holy Thursday at Home

Our second Holy Week resource is our “Holy Thursday at Home” resource.  This is a simple activity for you to do around the table on Thursday evening.  You can find it here.

Good Friday Worship

We’ve also put together a Good Friday worship experience – music, Scripture reading, and sermon.  That will be shared live to our Facebook page and our livestream page at 7 PM.  You can either watch it live then or the archived video anytime Friday or Saturday.

Easter Sunday Worship

Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity.  Our Easter Sunday worship service will be live (on our Facebook page, our YouTube page, and on the livestream page of our website) at 10 AM on Sunday, April 4.  It will include music, Scripture, a sermon, and a special video treat from the children of Haymarket Church.  We hope you’ll worship with us!  We will also gather in-person for outdoor, socially-distanced, masks-required, worship service at Haymarket Elementary School (15500 Learning Lane, Haymarket) – be sure to bring your own chair!