Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: Exodus 20:8-11; Exodus 23:12; Matthew 6:25-34

Our world is defined by speed.  Our culture doesn’t care much about what we are doing – but it does care that we are doing it quickly.  Concepts like innovation, disruption encourage us to throw away the old and value newness above all else.  If we are running fast – and constantly getting faster – then we risk falling behind. Even when we watch TV, we are scrolling on our phones – unable to be in the present moment.  Even when we are at home, we are available by email or text.  Even when we have a day off, we have a mile-long list of activities and projects that we must do.  We are always on call, always rushing forward. And this constant need to be going all the time can be crushing – it can be overwhelming – and it can cause us to sink into depression – we feel like we can’t catch up, and so we become overwhelmed, exhausted, just by the pressure to be on all the time.  We are trying to save ourselves – but the Good News is that we don’t have to save ourselves.  Real transformation – real life – is something that comes to us from outside ourselves – from Jesus.  And Jesus offers us the gift of rest in him.