Rev. Matt Benton

Series: Before and After: Seeing the Big Picture in Scripture

Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30; Matthew 25:31-46

We often read the parable of the valuable coins (sometimes called the parable of the talents) as a story about how we are supposed to make use of our gifts to support God’s work.  But what if we are supposed to read it in contrast to the story that comes afterwards? What if these two stories are about two different ways of living in the world – the world’s way of stinginess versus God’s way of generosity?

This Week: Who has been generous with you in your life? Make a list of all the people who have given to you generously and thank God for them.  Then, pick a few and send them thank you notes.

When do you feel stingy or unwilling to share? Why do you feel that way? What can you do to get past those feelings?