Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Before and After: Seeing the Big Picture in Scripture

Scripture: Luke 15:1-10; Luke 15:11-32

The story of the prodigal son is a familiar story (we just read it in March!). We typically read it as a story about how God forgives us and welcomes us no matter what we have done.  And that’s a good way to read that story.  But, when we read it along with the other stories of lost things that come directly before it, we have a chance to see it in a fresh light and understand a deeper point about how outsiders (lost things) are of infinite value to God.

This Week: Who would you consider “lost” or “an outsider”? What could you do to welcome that person this week?

Is there someone who God could welcome that would upset you? Is there someone who you would be unhappy to see forgiven and welcomed into God’s family? Take some time to wrestle honestly with that question, and ask yourself what it means that you feel the way you do.