Week 4: Music/Concert Week

This week, take some time to enjoy music together.

Suggestions for Fun this Week

  • Put on your favorite album (or your favorite music mix) and have an evening dance party!
  • Ask a friend for their favorite song/artist/album and try it out.  Discover some new music.
  • Make some homemade instruments (drums made from tupperware, kazoos made from combs and wax paper, etc.) and have an at-home jam session.
  • Pick your favorite worship song and listen to it.  Take some time to think about the words – what are they saying about God, about you, etc.?

“Craft” Suggestion

Make your own musical instruments.  Make a drum out of tupperware, or a kazoo with wax paper and a comb, or run some rubber bands across a shoe box to make a guitar!

This Week’s Bible Story – COMING SOON

Check back for this week’s Bible Story soon!

Neighborhood Prayer Focus

This week, we ask that everyone at Haymarket Church be in prayer for the residents of Warrenton and for all the rest of Virginia. Pray that they would thrive, that they would grow in faith, that they would have thriving relationships and healthy lives. Pray for our church to positively impact our state – through service, mission giving, online communications (since we can reach people anywhere) and more.  Pray that we would find ways to share God’s story with them, and reach them with the story of God’s amazing love in Jesus Christ. Pray for our state to be a place of justice, thriving, peace, and reconciliation. This is an opportunity to pray for our state!