Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Before and After: Seeing the Big Picture in Scripture

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9; Genesis 12:10-20

God calls Abraham to travel far from home and says he will go with Abraham to protect him. Abraham takes a big leap of faith and follows where God leads.  He seems to trust God in ways that many of us can’t imagine possible.  But, then, immediately afterwards, he falls into fear, and his trust in God seems to waver – and puts his wife in danger in the process.  How could his faith go from so strong to so weak so quickly?

This Week: Have you ever felt really confident and trusting in God’s protection? Have you ever done something really bold because you felt like God was telling you to do it? What was that like?

Have you ever been afraid to do something important? Have you ever chosen to act out of fear rather than out of faith? What was that like?