Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Church on the MOVE – A Sermon Series on the Book of Acts

Scripture: Acts 1:1-11; Acts 19:23-41

Today is Ascension Sunday, a (about) day 40 days after Easter when we tell the story of Jesus ascending into heaven 40 days after the first Easter.  The Ascension is a story that tells us that Jesus is with us wherever we go – and a story that explains the power that drove the early church to spread his love to the whole world.  Today we read the story of the Ascension alongside a story of some early Christian leaders, late in the book of Acts, when they desperately needed Jesus to be with him.

This Week: Even when Paul was in prison, he knew that Jesus was with him.  Do you think about Jesus being with you all the time? What could you do to be more aware of Jesus’ presence in your life this week?

The story of the Ascension is weird, but it is also an important piece of our faith.  Read it again and think about what it might teach you in your life/faith.