Week 2: Beach Week

This week, take some time to enjoy the things you might do if you were at the beach.

Suggestions for Fun this Week

  • Set up a kiddie pool in the back yard, dip your toes in the water, and imagine that you’re at the beach.
  • Make and enjoy your favorite beach drink.  For some kid-friendly (alcohol-free) beach “cocktails” click here.
  • Set up a beach chair (or really any kind of chair) and sit outside.  Put on a hat and sunglasses, grab your favorite book, and read – or just enjoy the sun!
  • Read a typical “beach read” – maybe a trashy romance novel, or a detective thriller, or whatever you usually read at the beach.
  • Pastor Brian says that no week at the beach is complete without pimento cheese, tomato, and avocado sandwiches (he’s kinda weird).  Find your favorite beach/vacation food and enjoy it for lunch. (Or, seriously, try a sandwich with pimento cheese, tomato, and fresh avocado – it’s delicious!)
  • Don’t wear socks or real shoes at all this week.  Flip flops only!
  • If you’ve got kids, get them some play sand and let them make sand castles.  If you can’t find any play sand, uncooked rice in a large tray is an awesome substitute.
  • Keep the sound of waves crashing against the ocean going in the background while you’re working.  Here’s a great simple video option you can use.
  • Eat ice cream for dinner.
  • Eat popsicles outside for desert.
  • For kids – have a bath in your bathing suit!

“Craft” Suggestion

Make your own fish (or jellyfish) from items you’ve probably got at home.  View our Beach Theme Crafts by clicking here!

This Week’s Bible Story

Neighborhood Prayer Focus

This week, we ask that everyone at Haymarket Church be in prayer for the residents of the Villages of Piedmont and Virginia Crossing neighborhoods. Pray that they would thrive, that they would grow in faith, that they would have thriving relationships and healthy lives. Pray also that our church would be a positive influence on them, that we will be able to share God’s story with them, and reach them with the story of God’s amazing love in Jesus Christ.  These neighborhoods are the two neighborhoods located closest to our worship location (Haymarket Elementary).  Villages of Piedmont is right across Route 15 from the school, and Virginia Crossing is the new neighborhood that is being built right near the school.  Pray that our church will reach new people and change lives for Jesus in these neighborhoods!