Week 3: Book Week

This week, take some time to enjoy books and stories together.

Suggestions for Fun this Week

  • Dress up as characters from one of your favorite books.
  • Spend some time each day reading aloud as a family.  (You can do this even if you don’t have kids at home – it can be fun to read a fun story aloud, and it creates a different way to experience it!)
  • Make a photo album of some of your favorite pictures.  This can be done with physical photos OR using a digital service (like Shutterfly) to print out a photo book using your digital photos.
  • Read a book that you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t.
  • Read a book about racial justice/reconciliation/healing.  We recommend “Be The Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation” by Latasha Morrison or “How to Be AntiRacist” by Ibram X. Kendi (a local author!).
  • Write your own story (or poetry).  Take a chance to be creative!
  • Ask your friends and family for book recommendations (and share some of your own).
  • Use a cookbook that you haven’t used in a while and find a new recipe for at least one of your meals this week.

“Craft” Suggestion

Make your own books at home!  View our Book Week Crafts by clicking the link!

This Week’s Bible Story – COMING SOON

Check back for this week’s Bible Story soon!

Neighborhood Prayer Focus

This week, we ask that everyone at Haymarket Church be in prayer for the residents of Gainesville, Haymarket (the areas for which we haven’t prayed yet), Bristow, and Manassas. Pray that they would thrive, that they would grow in faith, that they would have thriving relationships and healthy lives. Pray also that our church would be a positive influence on them, that we will be able to share God’s story with them, and reach them with the story of God’s amazing love in Jesus Christ.  This is an opportunity to pray for our region and share love in our extended community!  Pray that our church will reach new people and change lives for Jesus in these neighborhoods!