Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Before and After: Seeing the Big Picture in Scripture

Scripture: John 3:1-10; John 4:4-26

In our first story, Nicodemus, a religious insider, comes to Jesus secretly – in the dark of night.  In our second story Jesus meets a Samaritan woman, a religious outsider, comes to Jesus openly – in the light of day.  Today we will think about how sometimes the more comfortable our lives are, the less willing we are to openly seek Jesus.

This Week: Are there things in your life that you feel like you should do but that you are afraid to do – because they might turn your life upside down?

Who in our community/world would you consider an outsider, someone who is often not welcome in church? What could you do to welcome or invite someone like that to find their place at Haymarket Church (or another church)?