Lent Reading Plan for Students

During the season of Lent Haymarket Church is studying the Gospel of John using Adam Hamilton’s book “John the Gospel of Light and Life” as a guide. Will you dig into Scripture this Lent?

Here’s a chart that shows you what to read when–with some catch-up days built in! We know you are busy and that pandemic life is STILL hard, but we think that taking 10 minutes to read John each day will be SO worth your time.

We hope you will dive in and read John with your church this season!

DAY         What to Read

17-Feb       John 1:1-18 (Ash Wednesday)
18-Feb       John 1:19-51
19-Feb       John 2:1-25
20-Feb      John 3:1-21
21-Feb      REST & Catch Up

22-Feb       John 3:22-36
23-Feb       John 4:1-26
24-Feb       John 4:27-54
25-Feb       John 5:1-18
26-Feb       John 5:19-47
27-Feb       John 6:1-15
28-Feb    REST & Catch Up

1-Mar        John 6:16-40
2-Mar       John 6:41-59
3-Mar       John 6:60-71
4-Mar       John 7:1-24
5-Mar       John 7:25-53
6-Mar       John 8:1-30
7-Mar     REST & Catch Up

8-Mar       John 8:31-59
9-Mar       John 9:1-17
10-Mar     John 9:18-41
11-Mar     John 10:1-21
12-Mar     John 10:22-42
13-Mar     John 11:1-27
14-Mar   REST & Catch Up

15-Mar     John 11:28-57
16-Mar     John 12:1-19
17-Mar     John 12:20-43
18-Mar     John 12:44-50
19-Mar     John 13:1-38
20-Mar     John 14:1-31
21-Mar     REST & Catch Up

22-Mar      John 15:1-27
23-Mar      John 16:1-33
24-Mar      John 17:1-26
25-Mar      John 18:1-24
26-Mar      John 18:25-40
27-Mar      John 19:1-16
28-Mar      John 12:12-19 {Palm Sunday)

29-Mar      John 19:17-42
30-Mar     John 20:1-31
31-Mar      John 21:1-25
1-Apr      John 13:1-38, 18:1-14 [Maundy Thursday}
2-Apr      John 18:15-40, 19:1-30 [Good Friday}
2-Apr      John 19:31-42 [Holy Saturday}
4-Apr      HAPPY EASTER!!!