Livestream Worship

Haymarket Church worships each Sunday at 10 AM.

Our livestream can be found on Facebook, on YouTube, and on Vimeo.

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Good Morning! We livestream each Sunday via Vimeo.  That video is directly below.
If you have trouble, we also link our Facebook Live video underneath the Vimeo stream on this page – just in case Vimeo goes down. You may have to mute one or the other of these videos–depending on your preference. We also have a chat function on the right side of the page. Say hello and let us know you are here – and make sure to fill out the Livestream Check-in form. 


Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve the livestream experience.

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Facebook Live

We use Facebook Live for our weekly worship Livestream. Those participating in worship via this page will find our feed below when we go live each Sunday morning at 10:00. Online worshipers with access to Facebook (via app or computer) may have a more complete worship experience (including interactive chat and helpful links) using that platform.

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Facebook Live Archive

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We also stream live each Sunday at  If for some reason you have a problem with the livestream on this page, you can always view the Facebook Live video at that link. For even more of our previous Facebook videos, click here.