Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:8-22; John 14:15-21

In the wake of all that is happening in the United Methodist Church at a global level, we are invited to share in a simple truth: God is in control. Our job is not to worry more, but to trust more. We’re trusting in God who is at the center of our lives. Too often we find ourselves centered on our arguments, our differences, our worries, or things we want to get right. But, today we remember that if we find God’s love as our shared hub, the spokes that grow out from that space invite us to live freely and generously. Within that freedom, we have the space to be zealous for good. We have the space to practice in different ways and share in different ways. But we come back to the place where our faith journey begins: at the baptismal fount. It is in this place that we find our grounding and our hope. Today in worship we will remember our baptism. As part of that ritual, we remember our covenant and our call to be community for one another. Not conditionally or when it is convenient, but in all times and places, we are called to be church and to be love for all people.

This Week:
God is in control and God’s love can’t be contained. What, then, do we have to worry about?