Monday, May 20: Acts 15:22-41
Tuesday, May 21: Acts 16:1-15
Wednesday, May 22: Acts 16:16-40
Thursday, May 23: Acts 17:1-34
Friday, May 24: Acts 18:1-28
Saturday, May 25: Acts 19:1-22

Sunday, May 26: Show up to worship and experience Scripture and prayer together with your church.  If you can’t make it to worship, go to our Facebook page or worship online (either live or later).

Prayer Focus This Week: Haymarket Church is on the move this summer! This month, we are in the process of moving our offices and ministry center from the Old Bank Building to a space above Town Hall.  Pray that our new space will be a resource to help us impact our community and share the love of God!

Action: When you do the Scripture readings this week, try to see yourself as a character in the story.  Who would you have been in this circumstance? Who is a character with whom you identify?