Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20; 1 Peter 2:1-10

Today’s passage from 1 Peter asks us to put away all malice, ill will, deceit, and envy. There are times in life where it may be easier to treat those who have different perspectives from us in these ways, like they are our opponents or our enemies. We’re reminded that all people, including those with whom we have disagreements, are children of God. As such, because sometimes it can be hard to love other people, we are invited to stand upon Christ as our cornerstone, even in the challenging times. We aren’t given grace to waste it away in arguments and attempts to tear each other apart; we’re given grace with abundance, and offered to share it in abundance too.

This Week:
God’s love doesn’t invite us to tear each other down; instead, we are called to build one another up with Christ as our cornerstone.

  • Putting away malice. How do we speak about others in faith? Do we treat those with whom we have differences like they are children of God or like they are opponents.
  • Christ as the cornerstone of what we are called toward. Others may throw that to the side but we are called to embrace and stand firm on Christ.