Am I Enough? A New Sermon Series starting on October 13

Many of us find ourselves asking if we are enough – we find ourselves battling with insecurity, fear, anxiety, pain. We feel spread too thin, as if there’s not enough of us to go around. Or maybe we feel as if we’re simply not good enough, not worthy of being loved. But the Good News of Jesus is that, because we are loved by God, we are more than enough.

Beginning on October 13, Haymarket Church will be exploring some of the questions that trouble many of us: Am I enough? Have I done enough for God to love me? Do I have enough time? Do I have enough money? Does what I do matter? Am I worthy of love?  As we explore these questions, we will discover this essential truth: we are enough, because we are created in God’s image and Christ died for us.  And that can give us the foundation to face these questions with courage and hope.

You’re invited to wrestle with these important questions with us this Fall!

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