At-Home Christmas Kits

A way to make Christmas feel special this year, even in the midst of all that is crazy right now!

Christmas is going to feel different this year. Limitations on in-person gatherings, fewer Christmas parties and holiday parades, limitations on what our church can gather together to do. It’s all in the spirit of keeping people safe, but it also has the potential to drain some of the holiday spirit. So, we want to help make your Christmas special! Haymarket Church is putting together at-home Christmas boxes. We plan to prepare a Christmas box for every family, and these boxes will include weekly activities, family reflections, and hands-on ways to experience the season and make December special even during this crazy season. Let us know if you want your own Christmas box (so we can make sure you’re on our “nice list”), and feel free to invite a friend to sign up for their own box – these are available to anyone, not just the people of Haymarket Church! More details on how to get your box will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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