February Pub Theology: The Enneagram

Monday, February 10, 7 PM: February’s Pub Theology will be led by Michelle Matthews, pastor of the Kingstowne Communion, a new United Methodist church in Kingstowne. Michelle’s topic will be “Who Am I? Life and Faith through the Enneagram.” The enneagram is a personality typing system that is a modern synthesis of ancient wisdom, and Michelle has extensive experience using the enneagram to help people understand who they are and how they experience life/God. Knowing who you are can help you know how to care for yourself – and that can help improve your life. Plan to be here and take a step towards self-understanding. Michelle encourages everyone who will attend to take the free, short (10 minute) enneagram quiz at 9types.com. (If you can’t find time to take it before you arrive, there will be time during the event to catch up.)

Pub Theology is an opportunity to gather, have meaningful conversations, build relationships, and have a great time. We talk about important topics for faith and life while sharing good food and drink. All perspectives are welcome! We gather at Giuseppe’s in Haymarket (15120 Washington Street).

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