How We Spread Some Joy This Easter

We wanted to share with all of you about the joy we brought to many families this Easter. Many of you know that at the beginning of March we handed out Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Kits to 10 families in our congregation. With the changes since then and social distancing, we suggested a Plan B to all the families who had a kit. We suggested that they instead offer to deliver smaller “kits” of eggs and activities to their neighbors’ porches (with no contact) if they would like them. It would save them from going to the store, bring extra joy to the kids and still build relationships, even if they couldn’t do the egg hunts together.

From the families that we heard back from, they each provided kits to anywhere from 4 to 10 other families. All of those families were so thankful to receive them. We are grateful to still have had the opportunity to spread joy even in these stressful times. Our kids may remember this Easter more than all the others!

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