Three Simple Rules

January Sermon Series: Three Simple Rules

How are we supposed to live? We want to live the right way, but sometimes we aren’t sure what that means. Christians often turn to the Bible for ethical guidance, but the Bible can sometimes feel overwhelmingly complicated, and adding more and more rules to our life can feel oppressive. Starting January 10, Haymarket Church’s sermon series will be titled “Three Simple Rules: A Guide for Christian Living.” This sermon series is based on John Wesley’s “Three General Rules” that he gave to the early Methodists to govern their organization and life together. These are something like a Hippocratic Oath for Christians – it’s a simple commitment we can make, a guide for daily life, and a system can help us direct our actions in a way that glorifies God and enables us to serve others. These rules are easy to learn, hard to master, and can help us address any situation. We hope you’ll plan to worship with us as we explore their wisdom for our lives!

You’re invited to worship online at 10 AM every Sunday – check out our Worship Livestream page for more information about how to worship online with Haymarket Church.

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