Written by Dorothy Hettmann

Advent is a wonderful time of the year to embrace the spirit of giving!  And what better way to give than to share God’s love in a pickle or jelly jar!

Giving took on a whole new meaning for me after I was introduced to the book Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright.    I first read the Christmas Jars book after joining a new group a few years ago.  The other ladies in the group were so excited for me, as a newcomer, to read and discuss the book.  After reading the first few pages, I could understand their excitement.

While Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright is a fictional heartfelt novel, it is amazing how many real lives have been changed over the years since it was written in 2005.  The Christmas jar is something that each one of us can do by ourselves or as part of a group.  The Christmas Jar concept is to fill a clean reused jar with coins and dollar bills throughout the year and then anonymously give it to someone your heart feels is in need during the advent season.

I encourage everyone reading this devotional to treat themselves to the quick read of the Christmas Jars book.   (You can buy it here.)  After you finish it, you will find yourself washing out the next glass jar you finish with great anticipation!

As we all experience giving and receiving this advent season, my prayer is that everyone feels God’s generosity of love, peace and joy!

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