Written by Jovonne M. Williams

Christmas. I go overboard. Overboard with the decorations, overboard with “magical” experiences and overboard with food. I go overboard with charitable donations, Christmas music, scheduled visits with friends and family and overboard with the gifts. Now, before you tell me that “Jesus is the reason for the season”, I will tell you that I also go overboard with my faith. I mean, think about it. You have to have an “overboard” amount of faith to believe that a baby, born in a manger halfway across the world, would be the one to save us all.

Christmas is a holy miracle that in a way launches our faith. A virgin birth, a star with built in GPS, visionary wise men and prophecies fulfilled are not exactly everyday occurrences. In my humble opinion, if there is any reason to go overboard it should be to celebrate the birth of Jesus with family, friends and strangers.

So this Christmas, feel free to go overboard for the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Go overboard with praise for a God that loves you completely and is always with you. Go overboard with love for a God that cherishes you since before you were born, knowing that He will never turn away from you. Go overboard with joy that baby Jesus has provided us with a path out of the darkness of sin and into the light of Heaven.

Now I’m not encouraging anyone to go overboard the way I do for Christmas. Let’s be honest, some of it is a bit ridiculous. I know I may not always be able to go overboard with “all the things” at Christmas, but I can always go overboard with my faith. No matter how much my faith is shook throughout the year, my faith is restored and overboard at Christmas. Rejoice! Christ is born!

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