Series: Am I Enough?: Trusting God in a World of Fear

Rev. Brian Johnson

Scripture: Psalm 139:13-16; Romans 3:9-31

Sometimes we feel unworthy of God’s love, or unworthy of the life we have.  We feel like we have to do something, to check some kind of box, in order to earn acceptance and love.  We put in all sorts of work trying to be good enough, to be worthy of love.  But, then, when we (inevitably) stumble and fall, we feel even worse! But, the Good News that, because of Jesus, God loves us no matter what we have done, and nothing we can do can change that.

This Week: God loves you no matter what you have done – take time to give thanks for that.

God loves everyone who you know (everyone in the world) no matter what they have done.  Take some time to think about someone who annoys/upsets/offends/bothers you and remember that God loves that person, no matter what.  How does that change the way you think about that person?