Rev. Brian Johnson

Series: Fixer Upper – Stories of Restoration, Repurposing, and Redemption

Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46; Matthew 28:16-20

These days, there’s a lot of talk about what the church should be (and what it fails to be).  There’s conflict in the United Methodist Church (our denomination), and many local churches find themselves struggling with bureaucracy, conflict, shrinking budgets, and more.  But the church didn’t begin with legislative committees or budgets or bureaucracy.  The church began as a movement, founded by Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, that was sent into the world to care for the vulnerable and make disciples.  If we can focus on that essential mission, we can navigate any challenges that come our way.

This Week:

Pray for Haymarket Church.  Ask God to renew our church and to focus us on the essential mission God has put ahead of us.

Pray for our community, and ask God to use our church to do good work in it.