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Welcome to Haymarket Church. Our Sunday morning services remain online at this time. We worship every Sunday at 10:00 AM via our website, Facebook, and YouTube

This summer we are returning to In-Person Indoor worship at Haymarket Elementary School on select Sundays. We also worship monthly in person on the Haymarket Elementary School playground (1st Sundays at 8:30 AM) and at the Haymarket Town Park (3rd Sundays at 5:00 PM).

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Call/Text: (703) 688-2546

PO Box 1024 Haymarket, VA 20168

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We believe that God’s love is so good that it has to be shared.  We are passionate about inviting new people to discover God’s love and experience the growth in faith and new life that we are discovering together.  Therefore, we are always excited to welcome new people to take the journey of faith with us.  

You are invited to join in this journey, and you are always welcome here!

Our Story

What Type of Church Are We?

We are a church that is open to all people, and that is committed to seeking God, seeking truth, and seeking connection with all of God’s people. We hold to many historic Christian beliefs, but we also are full of people who have struggles and doubts and wrestle with their faith. We believe that you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to be a part of the church. If you are willing to seek God and try to follow Jesus (or even if you’re just trying to figure out if you want that stuff), there is a place for you with us. For more about what we believe, check our What We Believe page.


A message of welcome from Pastor Brian Johnson.

We believe that God’s love welcomes everyone, and so we are committed to being a fully inclusive church. For more about that commitment, check out our Statement of Welcome and Inclusivity.

In terms of our connection to other churches, we are a United Methodist Church. This means that we belong to a “big tent” denomination where lots of folks have lots of different opinions about God and life, but have found a way to come together in order to join in God’s work and share life together. For more about what it means to be a United Methodist, check out our What We Believe page.